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Favourite sports person: Muhammad Ali

Favourite band: Keane

Favourite food: Smoked Salmon

Favourite car: Bentley

Quote to live by: "Quitters never win and winners never quit"

Best cricketing moment: 100 for Kent Second XI

Proudest moment: Winning u17s One day national final

Favourite film: Dumb & Dumber

Most annoying habit: Biting my tongue

Most likely to: have an answer for everything

Party trick: balance a golf club on my nose

Look alike: Clyde

Education: Tonbridge School

Player statistics

Born 3 February 1998 Years of Service 2015-
Squad number 16 Debut
Height 6ft 6in Nicknames Orangutan
Capped Bat Right hand
Best bat 116* Bowl Right hand
Best bowl 4-15

Other teams

Kent Academy 2012-15